Short Sale & Foreclosure

Everyday the media is flooded with articles about foreclosures and short sales and our state of Florida leads the way. Even though there is a lot of talk, most people don’t understand the foreclosure or short sale process. Many of our team have received their SFR real estate designation which makes them a wealth of information on how a short sale or foreclosure may affect you, your credit and your financial future. Making the decision to sell your property in a short sale is a difficult and complicated decision. Your current financial picture, the type of loan you have on your property, your lender and servicer and a host of other factors must be considered. Our team is uniquely qualified and available to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision that will have the least impact on you and your family. We also have knowledge of the foreclosure process and can answer questions regarding how the process works, timing and ways to protect yourself in the event you face foreclosure.

If you are a buyer considering purchasing a short sale we can assist you in understanding the lender approval process and helping you get to the closing table quickly and profitably.

Contact any of us today to arrange a meeting to discuss your situation.